Suhali leather bags

LV Suhali Leather BagSuhali leather bags are a smaller line from LV launched in 2003 , however these handbags are very elegant and distinguishable among the overly detailed and multicolored handbags from this luxury French fashion houses.

L'Essentiel bag is a versatile handbag both for day and evening. It has internal pocket. lined interior and golden brass closure and details. The color range for this particular line leather bag is white, crimson red and black. Suhali Le Majestueux

L'Absolu is another handbag in this gorgeous line that has received some attention and it has the same details as the Louis Vuitton L'Essentiel handbag. Some of the purses from this leather satchel line are sometimes offered on LV bags on sale.

Le Majestueux (picture right)is a large and spacious tote made of the particular leather with beautiful golden details and it has also side buckles to adjust the handbag. This tote has two inside compartments and this bag offers great functionality and style combination. Its size is 3.4" x 12.6" x 5. inches. It is perfect daily handbag, very elegant and spacious and could be first choice for office purse, if buying from the brand. The color choice right now is red and black. You might want to try to get this Louis Vuton bag on sale as the original price is 3,500.00 USD.

If the LV brand is too expensive, you can always try the secondhand Louis Vuitton bags and you might get lucky and find the perfect leather handbag by this line, such as Suhali leather Lockit PM or Lockit MM bag in black, gray, white or beige shades.

This is one of the most classic and also expensive lines that the brand has and the designs are timeless, there is nothing that would go soon out of fashion - the lines are elegant and clean, hardware - appropriately selected in golden shade, there are no extra flashy details or anything screaming desperately - look at me. There is certainly subtle elegance and confidence about these purses.