Monogram Canvas purses

LV Monogram Canvas BagPurses with this pattern are the trademark product of the Louis Vuitton brand. This is also one of the most recognizable handbag lines of the this brand. LV monogram canvas was particularly created for patenting. This was done to ensure that other manufacturer's would not claim to have made similar product. This famous pattern has oriental designs with flowers and it was first presented in 1896. This particular line was extended in 1953 when the material was used for smaller articles, such as hand bags and wallets, belts and other small products.

Launching of the monogrammed pattern was done as a counterfeiting measure. Sadly enough this pattern and LV bags itself have been one of the most counterfeited products in the fashion business. There are countless Louis Vuitton replica bags with the "original" LV patterns and monograms. The brand is fighting hard those who sell unauthorized and fake products and therefore if you want a purse from this brand - buy it from the official e-store. It is easy, convenient and worldwide shipping rates are reasonable. Ellipse MM Monogram Canvas

The Ellipse is a purse that has a rounded shape and it right for you if you love the brand but want something different this time. The purse costs 1420 US dollars via online shop. Its size is 14.9" (length) x 11.8"(height) and 5.9" (depth). Hardware is golden brass as usual, inside is lined. There is a compartment and removable shoulder strap. The purse is quite roomy, so perfect for daily use. If you are a fan of LV in general, you will like this latest model pretty much as it has the best qualities of a spacious handbag from this French label. If you are interested in buying this bag, go to the official web site for more information on shipping and duties.

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